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Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones Worldwide 2023

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Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

Mobile phone technology has progressed considerably over time, boasting incredible functionality. Unfortunately, however, high-end models come at a premium due to the materials used and the features included.

Here are the 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the world:

1. Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu, a British brand that makes luxury phones, recently unveiled the Signature Cobra limited edition handset. Adorned with 439 rubies and two emerald eyes, it ranks among one of the most costly mobile phones on the market.

Cobra handsets are now being offered for sale online in China through an e-commerce site and buyers must make a down payment of CNY 10,000 (roughly Rs 1 lakh). Successful bidders of Signature Cobra handsets will have to make the remaining amount due upon delivery of their devices.

This phone doesn’t feature a touchscreen but does come equipped with features such as voice assistant and standard smartphone functions like a camera, calculator, stopwatch, and world clock. Furthermore, this handset provides customers with concierge service to help with various tasks such as booking tickets and hotels.

2. Goldvish Revolution

Smartphone technology has advanced quickly over the past several years, creating incredible features and capabilities. However, while some models increase in price due to their superior specifications, some stand out as truly special offerings that command sky-high prices.

This extravagant phone, handcrafted of gold and diamonds by designer Stuart Hughes, boasts an elegant dagger shape. Featuring a rare 6.6-carat diamond crested home button as well as a 53 diamond rear logo, its craftsmanship stands the test of time.

Gresso, an esteemed provider of luxury phones, designed this masterpiece. Crafted of gold with diamond-encrusted components and featuring an antique African backwood that dates back more than 200 years old – it costs more than $1 Million and makes an ideal collectible item for those interested in expensive jewelry and luxury goods.

3. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot was released as an exclusive, limited edition phone that cost $1 million in August 2010. Featuring 45.5 carats of rare black diamonds on its front panel and 200 year-old African Blackwood for its case construction.

This luxurious mobile device, designed by Peter Aloisson and plated in solid gold with precious gems, was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records title as the world’s most expensive phone.

Its distinctive design will captivate anyone who sees it – its keys made of crystal sapphire are hand polished and laser etched with intricate details for maximum impact. Apple’s Caviar iPhone 12 Pro stands out as their most expensive smartphone to date; boasting a diamond-encrusted home button set into a gold-plated chest housing.

4. King’s Button iPhone 3G

Peter Aloisson of Austria created one of the world’s most expensive mobile phones – The King’s Button iPhone 3G is made out of gold and platinum with an exquisite pink diamond cover and features 138 diamonds encrusted throughout including one stunning white diamond of 6.6 carats in its home button.

This breathtaking mobile technology boasts an eye-watering price tag of $2.4 Million. Featuring 500 stunning diamonds in total – 53 on its Apple logo alone. Additionally, there is a 7.4-carat single cut pink diamond on its start button – as well as is presented in an exquisite granite chest lined with Nubuck top-grain leather; only two exist worldwide!

5. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

The Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme, created by designer Stuart Hughes, is one of the world’s most expensive mobile phones and represents luxury and opulence in equal measure. Crafted over 10 months using 271 grams of 22k gold and 136 diamonds sourced from Australia’s gold mining magnates – it stands as an icon of luxury and decadence.

The King’s Button iPhone 3G ranks sixth as the world’s most expensive mobile phones, featuring 18k yellow, white, and rose gold construction with 138 top-quality diamonds encrusted on a white gold line and a rare 6.6ct diamond at home button.

These extravagant mobile phones demonstrate the growing desire among wealthy and powerful individuals to own unique and luxurious smartphones as status symbols while providing insight into future technology trends.

6. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

If you value privacy, the Diamond Crypto Smartphone may be just what you’re looking for. Equipped with platinum coating and hack protection features to safeguard your data, as well as being decorated with rubies and emeralds to make an eye-catching statement about you, the device offers both style and security.

Stuart Hughes created this unique phone, available only for an unspecified sum. Taking nine weeks to fully develop, it stands as a one-of-a-kind device.

The Goldvish Revolution mobile phone makes our top 10. Crafted of white and pink gold, fine leather, diamonds, a sapphire glass display case, and a detachable analog watch designed by Fredric Jouvenot, it currently retails at $488,150 but its luxuriousness more than makes up for it. Its beauty is truly worth its high price point! Despite being luxurious, this phone actually remains very functional.

7. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

At an estimated price tag of 310,000 US dollars, Sony Ericsson’s Black Diamond smartphone made of titanium and polycarbonate has earned itself a place on this list. Boasting 4 megapixel camera capability and featuring over 2000 perfect-cut diamonds encrusted on its body as adornments – with two deep-cut diamond navigation buttons to complete this package!

Peter Aloisson designed and JSC Ancort produced this luxurious phone by studding it with fifty-three flawless white diamonds encrusted in gold plating, the back, logo, and home button made entirely of gold, with an additional 7.4 carat pink diamond as an additional home button feature. Limited to only 32 copies worldwide, its unique design incorporates white and rose gold platings, leather accents, diamonds, and sapphire glass display cases – creating an exquisite aesthetic with every aspect carefully considered to ensure it achieves maximum value over time.

8. Vertu Signature

The Vertu Signature Cobra is an ultra-luxury phone designed for ultra-rich people. As opposed to smartphones, its feature phone design composed of precious materials such as rubies and diamonds was conceived by renowned jeweler Peter Aloisson with 138 diamonds including a 6.6 carat home button being included as standard equipment.

The price tag speaks volumes about its user’s wealth and taste; even with a relatively low-resolution camera, its uniqueness and luxuriousness make it so costly.

Stuart Hughes has produced yet another costly phone, this dagger-shaped device is covered with over 500 diamonds, and 24kt gold and features an Apple logo with 53 diamonds adorned with just three pieces being produced in limited edition.

9. Goldvish Jackpot Le Million

Stuart Hughes, a British jeweler, created this luxurious phone that is made out of 24 karat gold and diamonds. It boasts an elaborate home button and back logo crafted of 53 diamonds for extra opulence, as well as its special gold-plated SIM card slot and USB cable.

Nita Ambani, wife of an Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani, owns this once-most expensive smartphone in the world and now calls it her own. It features a pink diamond on its backside and gold plating; additionally, it comes equipped with advanced security measures designed to keep hackers out.

Goldvish Jackpot Le Million, a luxurious device from the Swedish brand Goldvish, features an exceptional design and costs $1 million. Adorned with gold and diamonds and boasts a hand-polished Macassar ebony wood display case.

10. Black Diamond

Mobile phone technology has progressed substantially over time, and we now see phones with incredible features and capabilities. Many are constructed from luxury materials like gold and diamonds; others feature high-end hardware and services for an excellent experience. While these smartphones may be costly, they often come equipped with remarkable capabilities.

Stuart Hughes created his smartphone in 2010 from gold and black diamonds, costing more than $8 Million. Both its rear panel and logo are composed of 24k gold while it boasts 53 diamonds in its Apple logo – as well as an 8.6 carat diamond home button for good measure!

Stuart Hughes designed one of the world’s most expensive mobile phones – one made out of gold and platinum and decorated with rare gemstones such as opals and pietersite. Additionally, its case is composed of pieces of Tyrannosaurus Rex bone.

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